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Commendations & Reviews

Comments by Authors & Researchers:

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Michelle Russell over the past ten years. She has completed outstanding research on the Gumm Family songs and organized a living history program for the historic Judy Garland House in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Ms. Russell is currently working on an exhaustive history of the Gumm Family. ...[She] is easy to work with and I highly recommend her for this literary project."

                   JOHN A. KELSCH, Executive Director -                        Judy Garland Museum and Birthplace

"Michelle Russell has devoted many years of dedicated research to the early years of Judy Garland's life and career -- indeed, to the entire Gumm Family history and their vaudeville appearances. Russell has even produced an enjoyable CD comprised of the songs the Gumms sang on those stages, and there's no doubt her book on Frances Gumm and Family will prove to be equally enjoyable."
                                  SCOTT SCHECTER,  Garland Historian & Author  Judy Garland: The Day-by-Chronicle of a Legend (Cooper Square Press / Taylor Trade Publishing / Rowman-Littlefield), & The Liza Minnelli Scrapbook (Citadel Press/Kensington Publishing Corp)


"...I found Michelle had a remarkable degree of tenacity, especially in the field of research. She would hear about even the smallest tid-bit and pursue the lead all the way to the end...

There was another characteristic about Michelle that I considered very valuable and important for any person to possess. She met people well and they remembered her.  I introduced her to many people in the course of her first visits to this city. They were glad and anxious to divulge any knowlege they had.... - a rare trait of character that most people lack."                                       

                           CHARLES B. ARNETTE, local historican & author: The Saga of LuCee Bee, History of the East Main Church of Christ, From Mink Slide to Main StreetThose East Main Street People and Their Houses

(c) 2004 Michelle Russell

  C.B. Arnette with the author at Sewanee,                                       The University of the South

"Michelle Russell is a meticulous researcher as well as a very talented writer. It is a pleasure having her in our group of mid-state writers."
                                                 ROBERT RICE, President
                                                 Rutherford Writers Ink 

"Michelle Russell is a multi-talented person... Having worked on two CDs and many live shows she produced on the life of Baby Gumm, I found her to be wonderful to work with, highly organized and successful in the marketing...
I... [have been] struck by the diligence and thoroughness of her biographical and song research for the material she crafted into a fascinating musical journey...
I always find it fun and rewarding to collaborate on her projects, which she spins from the heart,  bursting with history, humor and passion for her subject(s)."
                                     SUE MASKALERIS, Award-winning musician, singer, composer, lyricist and arranger/producer (Unbreakable Heart, Jazilian Records)


"...The great achievement of this album is that it comes off as a sincere love letter to the style and sensibility of the period... this reflects well on Michelle Russell as director and executive producer..."

- Rob Lester, TalkinBroadway.com

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(c) 2006 Michelle Russell

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