Michelle Russell, Author

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Story of the author's life.

Michelle Russell was born in Burbank, California to a theatrical family. Her mother, Marian, was a dancer, and her father, David Russell, a writer.

Early in her life, Michelle became fascinated with Judy Garland and her story. In later years, she would meet Garland's children and many of the persons who had known Judy and her family. Ms. Russell began to collect many of the unusual stories they would tell.
In the mid-1990s when the opportunity came for Ms. Russell to pay tribute to the singer at the Judy Garland Birthplace in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, she was eagar to do so. This soon led to more opportunities, including research of the songs the Gumm family had sung in vaudeville and the creation of a living history program.
Always interested in early American music, Ms. Russell took on the task of producing a musical recording of the Gumm's early songs. This recording, "Made In America - Vaudeville Songs" was released in 2002. A re-release with some changes was put out in 2005 under the same title.
Ms. Russell has spent the last three years, working exclusively on From Tennessee to Oz. During this time, half of each year was spent in Tennessee where the heart of the story takes place. Because of Ms. Russell's thorough research and devotion to the subject, we believe this work will be a great addition, not only to Ms. Garland's history, but to the history of Middle Tennessee.

(c) 1996 Michelle Russell
Michelle Russell performing in the Gumm family parlor, Grand Rapids, MN


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