Vaudeville Songs Cast, New Jersey, Aug 2002
Brian De Lorenzo, Jennifer Ackerman & Cast

"Made In America - Vaudeville Songs" has been performed over the last year since March 2002.  Our final shows were performed in April 2003 at Don't Tell Mama  in New York City.

Presently titled, "Vaudeville Songs - A Tribute to the Musical Heritage of Judy Garland" the show is a work in progress.  It has delighted people everywhere, and with some production work and financial backing is ready to move on to the next stage.

What people are staying about the show:

"I would go anywhere to see this show."

"It's a fascinating story.  I want to learn more."

"I can't believe how good this show is."

"Vaudeville Songs" means so much."



"Vaudeville Songs - A Tribute to Judy Garland's Musical Heritage" is a musical review / vaudeville show of 20 songs with narration. 

The show follows the Gumm family from Murfreesboro, TN where Frank Gumm, (Judy's father) grew up, to meeting Ethel Milne (Judy's mother).  The couple form a vaudeville team of their own, "Jack and Virginia Lee" and settle in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

In a short time, along come Mary Jane and Virginia Gumm who join the family onstage.  Baby Gumm (the future Judy Garland) follows.  We see the performers singing the songs that were an actual part of the Gumm family act.

At the end of the production, we learn of the Gumm's move to CA and the joys and sorrows that would follow.  On a deep level, the Gumm family's songs tell their story and help us understand them in a very human way.

This is a wonderful  testament to the musical talent of the vaudeville era and to the stages that helped create the singer who became known as the 'greatest entertainer in the world', Miss Judy Garland.

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PALACE OF VARIETY, 42nd St, NYC - Jan 2003
Sofie Zamchick, Ashley Birmingham, Lynda Senisi

Maybe I'll Come Back
Brian De Lorenzo rehearsing his comic number

Museum of Times Square - Palace of Variety
Michelle Russell & Sofie Zamchick - vaudeville items

"Made In America" tells the story of one vaudeville family from 1910 - 1926 and is full of old favorites like By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Alexander's Ragtime Band, You Made Me Love You and Carolina in the Morning.
".. The residents gave me glowing reports about your troupe. It is a novel presentation [with] delightful voices..."  R N Fellowship Village, NJ
"I love this show!" M. Peters, NYC

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