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Tennessee Photos (& a few California ones):

Rev. Henry Hartwell Marable's home
Built by Judy Garland's 3rd Great Grandfather (c) M. Russell 2006

The land settled by Rev. Henry Hartwell Marable
is presently part of Smyrna, TN.

Formerly part of the Baugh Farm
Old Millersburg, Tennessee (c) M. Russell 2006

Old Millersburg, settled as early as 1800,
is now considered part of Christiana, TN.

Rutherford Cty Courthouse on Murfreesboro Square
(c) M. Russell 2006

The Rutherford County Courthouse is one of only six remaining antebellum courthouses in the South and stands in the center of the Murfreesboro Square. Although the courthouse appears much larger, and more elegant from other views, this photo is notable as it contains the original well, about which the slaves would gather to exchange information on their way to and from their master's homes.

Joshua Tree, Lancaster, CA
(c) Michelle Russell 2004

In 1927, Frank Gumm moved his family to Lancaster, California, a small town situated on the desert just northeast of Los Angeles.  Joshua trees like this are a common sight there.

The former Baugh home in Murfreesboro
(c) Michelle Russell 2006

This home owned by Mary Ann Baugh and her husband, John, from 1868 to 1893, was the birthplace of their grandson, Frank Gum(m) and his place of residence for the first six years of his life.

Oaklands Mansion
(c) Michelle Russell 2006

This home, a historic Civil War landmark, was the home of George Darrow and wife Tempe Swope at the time when Mr. Darrow sent Frank Gumm to Sewanee. Frank would attend the grammar school and then the college for a total of six years.

Please note: Although over 100 potential photos have been collected for the book (including many historical and unpublished family photos) we are unable to post any of these prior to the publication of the book.

From Tennessee to Oz * The Story of Judy Garland's Family History by Michelle Russell (c)2006