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Jeffrey and Star Moffat are ready to turn Judy Garland's childhood home in Lancaster into a museum, but they need your voices to to make it a reality!




Against All Odds

Saving Judy Garland’s Childhood Home

MAY 3, 2010, LANCASTER, CA:  When Jeffrey and Star Moffat bought Judy Garland’s childhood home in Lancaster, California last year, they had no idea what they would face. After journalist-historian, Bonnie Domrose Stone approached them about turning the house into a museum–as a tribute to Garland-the Moffats became aware that weekly, Garland fans from all over the world were showing up on their doorstep, wanting to see where the star had lived. The couple even found themselves giving fans impromptu tours of the home. The question every one asked was, ‘When will the museum open?’

 Late last year, the City of Lancaster notified the Moffats that they were turning down their request for a business license due to the fact that ‘an ordinance for a museum does not exist in Lancaster.’ Meanwhile, there are two museums in town operated by the City, and it appears that a third, only blocks from the former Garland home, is about to break ground. As a final blow, the Moffats recently learned that the City of Lancaster has plans tear down two Garland homes (their house and the house next door which was also a residence of the Garland family) as part of a redevelopment project.

 Judy Garland, who appeared in thirty-six films and countless recordings, is best known for her role as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” and her unforgettable performance of the film’s song, “Over the Rainbow.” She was born Frances Gumm in Minnesota, 1922. The Gumm family moved to Lancaster when Judy was four. Her father, Frank Gumm managed the local Valley Theatre. Here, along with other numerous venues, little “Frances” honed her skills as a child performer. Two years after leaving Lancaster, thirteen year-old Judy Garland was signed to a seven-year contract with MGM Studios.

 The Moffats are now working to rally public support to save this beautiful, artisan home, and help preserve Judy Garland’s legacy. Amazingly, over forty years after her death the star continues to move and inspire people. To help the Moffats save Judy’s home, please send your letters of support to: Bonnie Domrose Stone, Journalist, P.O. 2668, Lancaster, CA 93539, or E-mail: Letters should be addressed (but not mailed) to: THE CITY OF LANCASTER, Rex Parris, Mayor, The City Council and David McEwen, City Attorney. They will be presented at a General Council Meeting shortly.

Without your help, both of the Gumm homes with likely be torn down. With your help, the beautiful Cedar Ave. home will be preserved as a permanent record and tribute!



From Tennessee to Oz * The Story of Judy Garland's Family History by Michelle Russell (c)2006