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00011 - MODERN GERMAN - hardback by Vail/Sparks/Huber Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1978.  Excellent beginners book in excellent condition.  $15.00 including postage in USA.

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Modern German!

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00035 - Sexual Liberation or Sexual License? - The American Revolt Against Victorianism by Kevin White.  Hardback study in the shift of American attitudes over the past 100 years.  220 pgs, plus index.  New.
00036 - The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. - A Spritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment.  310 pgs - softback.

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00022 - Thin Again!  Improved Fitness in 30 Days - by Joy Gross - owner of the Pauling Health Manor, Joy gives a plan for good health and living.  Includes recipes, calorie, protein, fat & carb counter, exercises and ideas for good healthy living.  Slighly worn paperback. 239 pgs.
00026 - Natural Healing Encyclopedia - Rodale Book by Mark Bricklin, editor of Prevention 1983 - list of various illnesses with different treatments from acupunture to herbal to yoga.  Hardback, 520 pgs plus index.  Word dust jacket but good condition.
00027 - Complete Book of Minerals for Health -  Rodale Book 1977 - valuable book to look up needed minerals in relation to health problems.  759 pgs plus index.  Good condition.  Dust jacket a bit worn.
00028 - Healing Foods by Patricia Hausman & Judith Benn Hurley - The Curative Power of Nutrition listing illnesses and curative foods for those.  Paperback, slightly yellowing, but good condition. 447 pgs.
00023 - Your Money or Your LIfe - by Joe Domingues & Vicki Robin
A philosphy & plan on saving money to live simply and retire early.  335 pgs. 
00032 -PARIS 1988 - Fisher's World - Travel Book - Great light book - paperback with 1 1/2" indent and notes on sides.  Easy to carry on your trip.  108+ pgs.  Includes a nice map and good suggestions.
00046 - While I Was Gone - by Sue Miller - Softback from Oprah's Book Club.  Very good condition265 pgs.  Starts off easy and grows in suspense.  You won't want to put it down!

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00012 - CUT THE CLUTTER  by Lori Baird - Excellent detailed book put out by Rodale books.  371 pgs.
00013 - MAKE IT LAST by Earl Proulx, editor of Yankee Magazine.  1000 Ways to extend the life of everything you own.  Orig $30+ NEW  394 pages.
00014 - Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More  by Earl Proulx of Yankee Magazine.  1001 ways to ingeniously use common household items to repair, revive or replace just about anything in your life.    NEW   372 pgs. 
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