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Set of three Pelican paperback Shakespeare

Romeo & Juliet, Othello, As You Like It - $3.00 incdg post - $2.00 in person

All below are small hardback classic versions from early 1900s

The Tudor Shakespeare - Macbeth - small annotated 1911 book.  Gold emblem on cover but some water damage at bottom.  Great etching of Mrs. Siddons as Lady Macbeth inside. - still a little treasure - $2.50 w/postage

As You Like It - 1903 University of Chicago Library/Lake english classics, again some water damage  at bottom of front cover(ie stain) $2.00

King Lear - The New Hudson Shakespeare 1911 - some water damage bottom of front cover.  Preface, comment, & annotation  $2,00

A Mid Summer Night's Dream - The Arden Shakespeare (stamped inside, the gift of Mrs. Edward P. Morton - again water damage on bottome cover.. Has notes, index, and much annotation. 1896 - $2.50



Contact me for more than one book discount and delivery in NYC discount.

MEDIA - by Euripides - small Oxford univeristy Press 1912  -$2,50 w/postage
The Plays of Sheridan - beautiful small volume Macmillan, 1926 - includes intro, The Rivals , St. Patrick's Day, The Duenna, The School for Scandal, The Critic and Notes - $4.50 w/ postage
Three Jacobean Tragedies - paperback Penguin 1973 - still good condition, Intro, Notes, and The Revenger's Tragedy by Tourneur, The White Devil by Webster, The Changeling by Middleton/Rowley - $2.50 w/ postage
L'ecole des femmes - original French by Moliere - Notes included $2.00
The Rivals by Sheridan - small paperback Barons Educational series - good condition  $2.00
The Relapse by Sir John Vanbrugh - Regents Restoration Drama  - larger flat paperback  $2.50 w/postage
Sophocles - Three Tragedies Transaltion by H.D. F. Kitto - Oxford University Press - ANTIGONE, oEDIPUS The King , Electra  - $3.00 including postage
Please e-mail any questions.

Night and the Music - on Julie Wilson, Barbara Cook & Rosemary Clooney, Mint Condition.  $10 plus media mail postage (about $1.50)
KISSES - gorgeous book by Lena Tabori with photos and script of kisses throughout movie history.  Mint condition  $10 plus postage.
Michael Jackson by Stewart Regan - large picture book from 1984 with b/w and color photos.  Was a library book so has dust cover with plastic over it, but some wear on book.  $3.00 plus postage
The Dance of Life by Havelock Ellis, hardback - cloth cover 1923 - small book, an early 20th century philospher/socialist - book includes chapers on the art of thinking, dancing, writing, morals, and religion.  $3.50 including postage
More coming....

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansbery, hardback excellent condition  $5.00 w/postage
Eleven Verse Plays by Maxwell Anderson - hardback 19?  (all written 1929 - 1939) Plays are:  Elizabeth the Quenn, Night Over Taos, Mary of Scotland, Valley Forge, Winterset, The Wingless Victory, High Tor, The Masque of Kings, The Feast of Orgolans, Second Overture, Key Largo $5.00 plus postage
The Pulitzer Prize Plays 1918 - 1934 by Random House 1935, hardback
Why Marry,- Jesse Lynch William,s Beyond the Horizon, Eugene O'Neill, Miss Lulu Bett, Zona Gale, Anna Christie, Eugene O'Neill, Icebound, Owen Davis, Hell-Bent Fer Heaven, by Hatcher Hughes, They Knew What They Wanted by Sideny Howard, Craig's Wife by George Kelly, In Abraham's Bosdom, Paul Green, Strange Interlude by Eugene O'Neill, Street Scene by Elmer Rice, The Green Pastures by Marc Connelly, Alison's House by Susan Glaspell, Of Thee I Sing by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind, Bothy Your Houses by Maxwell Anderson, Men In WHite by Sidney Kingsley  $8.00 plus postage - Good condition but one nick out of side spine
The Stories of the Great Dramas and Their Authors by Henry Thomaas PH D - 50 plays published 1939 - hardback  - with dust jacket  $8.00 plus postage
Four Major Ibsent Plays -Signet Classic paperback 1965 - yellowing but still good.  A Doll House,The Wild Duck, Hedda Gabler and The Master Builder  - $2.50 including postage

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