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Some of the productions we have been involved with:

An Afternoon With the Gumm Family - 1925

1997 - Living History Program at the Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids, MN

Come and Get Your Happiness
Songs from the Films of Shirley Temple

1998 - A six- person show, recalling the films of Shirley Temple, the wonderful songs written for her and her great co-stars, including Alice Faye, Jack Haley, Bill Robinson and  others.  A NYC Production

Say It With Music
The Life of Irving Berlin
A 70 minute shows which tells the 100 year story of one of America's greatest songwriters, Irving Berlin, through his own music.

Made In America - Vaudeville Songs

Research and production of a book and show (including music collected from across the United States resulted in this 21-song CD recording.

From Tennessee to Oz
1792 - 1942

This detailed history of both Tennessee, local and family stories has been worked on for over two years.

Alexander's Ragtime Band

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