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Inspired by the incomparable Judy Garland --- and her vaudeville beginnings...

"A fabulous CD, worthy of its topic.
 Beautifully produced.  It reminds me of the days
when Judy Garland dominated American entertainment."
Joe Franklin, WBBR, Bloomberg Radio


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FROM TENNESSEE TO OZ - The Amazing Saga of Judy Garland's Family History, Part 1 is now available! CLICK HERE!

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SPECIAL SALE - Beginning August 19th thru September 30th, 2013, we are making a special offer to clear some inventory.
MADE IN AMERICA - Vaudeville Songs - the original release with Erin Romero as Ethel Gumm, Melissa Magaliff as Baby Gumm and David McMullin as Uncle John Milne - 22 Songs $3.00 including postage
MADE IN AMERICA -Vaudeville Songs - 2nd Release with added violin, clarinet, Jennifer Ackerman on some of Ethel Gumm's Songs, Sofie Zamchick as Baby Gumm, and additional arrangments and performances by Sue Maskaleris (Added song "Wear a Hat with a Silver Lining). $4 including postage
Don't miss this opportunity to own a great CD recording of rare and classic songs!

Click here to purchase the revised "Made In America" CD  for the unbelievable price of $4.00, INCLUDING shipping & handling!

Click here to order the ORIGINAL Made In America - Vaudeville Songs for only $3 including postage & handling

To order by mail:
Make your check or money order out to:
Catsong Productions
And mail to:
HC1 Box 23Z-31
White Haven, PA 18661

What critics are saying:
"The great achievement of this album is that it comes off as a sincere love letter to the style and sensibility of the period... 
Brian De Lorenzo [singing the songs of Frank Gumm]  has a real flair for the period style... whether turning on the charm for a showy bit of flash or a sentimental ballad with his pure, high voice... 
Jennifer [Ackerman] does a lovely job with a solo...
Sofie Zamchick, age 8, a sweetie. As Judy, she sounds ...endearing in her solo spots...
 Major credit is due the pianists, Sue Maskaleris... and Mark Hartman...  As Ethel Merman first sang..., "who could ask for anything more?" 

The "Made In America - Vaudeville Songs" CD includes: 

- 22 songs the Gumm Family performed in vaudeville!
-A short history of Judy Garland's family  
-Photos from the show. 
- 2005 version includes violin, clarinet & ukulele
8 new tracks & vocals

Our original Made In America CD, was a lovely work that is now nearly sold-out.  The brilliant NEW "Made In America - A Tribute to the Gumm Family" has many changes and wonderful additions.  Don't miss the fun!  Put your order in now!!!

Original Made In America Cover

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FROM TENNESSEE TO OZ will be released in July! CLICK HERE for more info!

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"Made In America" is ... comprised of sterling talent,...  Even if these old songs and the vaudeville cabaret style aren't your cup of tea, you're bound to find yourself getting caught up in it anyway."
Russ Schach, Guts and Glory

Listen to our Original MADE IN AMERICA tracks at

Come on and hear - Alexander's Ragtime Band!
Jennifer Ackerman & Brian De Lorenzo

"...fine voices with sturdy piano backing evoke the innocent era when the Gumm family, the ebullient Frank Gumm, the intrepid Ethel Gumm, - sang across America with their daughters, the youngest of whom was the prodigy who became the great trouper, Judy Garland... CD contains actual documented songs sung by the vaudeville family.  A great musical journey...  I recommend it!"
Barry Kehoe, Garland biographer, "Young Judy" w/ David Dahl

The Gumm Family in Vaudeville! Click Here!

Click here to learn about the "Made In America - Vaudeville Songs" CD and Show

Additional places to purchase our CD:
- The Judy Garland Museum, MN
- Footlight Records, NYC
And in Murfreesboro,Tennessee:
- The Center for the Arts near the Square
- The Cheesecake Factory on the back of
the Stones River Mall

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